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Series 7 CO2 laser tubes for cutting

With the application of several patented laser tube technologies, we have efficiently solved the difficult problems that commonly appear when we use laser tubes on laser machines. The problems include cavity change, bad beam spot in far-field, unstable laser beam quality in far-field, slow cutting speed and high failure rate under 28mA high current etc.

Features and Advantages:

A.With the application of our unique reducer tube body design and patented technology of core tube mounting, we have solved the problem of cavity change, which makes the light spot and laser beam better and more stable and the cutting speed obviously improved.
B.The smaller light spot and higher laser power of our laser tubes can obviously improve the processing cutting speed on large working area laser machines(model 1410,610,1810 and above).
C.With the application of several patented technologies, we make sure our laser tubes have long lifespan even when used under high working current(28mA).
D.The unique cathode and dust-proof designs can effectively protect the output window lens of the laser tube and significantly extend the lifespan of the laser tube when used in complicated environment.
E.The special appearance designs make our tubes highly recognizable in the industry and our tubes have very low failure rate.
F.We have a number of engineers with over 20 years experience. Thus we can provide customers with better pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.

☆Product parameters☆

ModelLength(mm)Outer Diameter(mm)Rated Power(w)Max Power(w)Warranty(month)CatalystInstability(%)Remarks
1250T71250±2080/609011012Y≤±5With 80W power supply
1300T721330±2080/609011512Y≤±5With 80W power supply
1400T71450±2080/6011012512Y≤±5With 120W/130W power supply
1600S7/S721600±2080/6012013512Y≤±5With 120W/130W power supply
1600F71650±3080/6013015512Y≤±5With 150W power supply
1700H71780±3080/6014017012Y≤±5With 150W power supply
1800W71850±2080/6015018012Y≤±5With 150W power supply
1800U71880±30100/80/6016018012Y≤±5With 200W power supply
2000K72080±30100/80/6018020012Y≤±5With 200W power supply

Products Direction:

1.We can customize products with special specifications according to customers' requirements.

2.The tube diameter tolerance of all products is ±2mm.

3.The long-life use current should be controlled at 28mA, and the maximum working current should not exceed 30mA.

4.Our company reserves the right to change product information without notice.


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